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I was reading through your website and loved it! I am the affiliate
manager for a website called Rivalspot.

We are a competitive sports video game website that brings sports
video gamers together to challenge each other, set up tournaments,
leagues, all with the goal of further engaging your and our online
communities and making their video game play more exciting.

We recently set up two tournaments with (a blog
dedicated to NFL tea, Pittsburgh Penguins fans) with tremendous
success. Within 10 minutes two tournaments of 16 people filled up (one
tournament for PS3 and one for XBOX).

We feel that we can do something very similar with your user base but
for football, and the game FIFA. The demographic between RivalSpot and
readers of sports content websites are actually very similar, as
thepensblog tournament proves.

Feel free to check out how excited the users of are
about this tournament at the following link:

In the long term, we are looking to add leagues with divisions
challenging other websites, again with the goal of further engaging
readers in your online community.

Ultimately, this could be very lucrative from a financial standpoint
as well. As your players play, you earn. We want to build partnerships
with you by setting up typical affiliate programs so that any revenues
earned from your users are shared with your website in perpetuity.

Hopefully, this introduction about Rivalspot gives you enough
information to have a further conversation with us. I look forward to
hear from you soon.

My skype is : rivalspot



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